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Bengals are home team for Super Bowl LVI in Rams’ stadium – NBC Sports

Bengals are home team for Super Bowl LVI in Rams’ stadium – NBC Sports

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The Rams play the 49ers in the NFC Championships.

Getty Images

The Rams will become the second team to play a Super Bowl in their own stadium. The Buccaneers became the first in NFL history to do so last season.

(The Cardinals host the Super Bowl next year in case you were wondering who gets a chance to be next.)

The Rams, though, aren’t the home team for Super Bowl LVI at SoFi Stadium.

The “home team” designation alternates between the conferences, and the Bucs were the home team in their home stadium last season.

The AFC is designated as the home team this season, so the Bengals will be playing in a home away from home of sorts. They will choose which uniform to wear. The Rams will call the coin toss.

The NFL, though, confirmed that the Bengals will use the Chargers’ locker room with the Rams staying in their own locker room.

The Rams have never been the visitor at SoFi Stadium. They were scheduled to be the visitor at the stadium for a preseason game against the Chargers in 2020, but the 2020 preseason was canceled because of the pandemic. The Rams were the home team this preseason against the Chargers at SoFi.

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